Every day I am looking into exactly what makes up Islam, what is expected of Muslims. And every day I am confronted with a hundred different opinions.
Like with most religions, Islam is very much up for interpretation. No one can say they know exactly what is expected of them, they can only do what they believe is expected from them. Down to the littlest detail of whether or not it is ok to pluck your eyebrows, people conflict.
People spend a life time learning about Islam, I have a month. I will not have all the answers and doubt it is even possible. All I can do is read and draw my own opinion on that. I welcome anyone to disagree with what I say about the teachings of Islam, especially if they back up their disagreement with Quran passages.

So on that note don’t take anything I say as a rule across Islam. If I say I am wearing a hijab, I do not mean you must wear one to be Muslim, if I say I’m plucking my eyebrows I don’t mean I know for a fact it is permissible. I read, I conclude, I do.
During this time my main focus is on the teachings in the Quran. There are Hadiths (the life and teachings of the prophet Mohammed), and most Muslims say these books too form Islam. However I personally believe that if God said the Quran was his completed word, then it contains exactly what He requires and you need nothing else. That isn’t to say I’m totally disregarding all that is in the Hadiths, after all I am following the method of prayer described in them, simply that they pale in significance.

So how to be a Muslim? I don’t know, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Some questions on my mind today:
Can a Muslim wear make up?
Can a woman fast during her period (she isn’t supposed to pray)?
Can I wear earrings with a hijab?
Are there any obligations for a Muslim wife?
Time to hit google…