Food glorious food

Whist stuffing ourselves at Mcdonalds yesterday, my husband Sam confessed a concern he has about what I am doing- the fast.
Without belief that I’m doing it for God, and with pretty much no previous experience, and the fact that I could easily be described as an overeater, well it all seems like a recipe for torture and not a spiritual journey.
I don’t want this month to be just about how hungry I am, the fast is just one part of the many I am exploring.
Sam suggested I start like Muslim children- extending the periods of abstaining from food as I go along until I get to a point where I can do a whole day.
Fantastic idea, but I know converts to Islam that manage their first Ramadan and live to tell the tale. So I will take that concept but start before Ramadan, so that on day one I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.
For my first day of preparation, I’m going to start easy. Finished breakfast by 9am and eat something small at 3pm. Dinner will be late tonight as it is a meal with friends so about 8pm.
This might not sound like a hard start, but when I say I’m an overeater I’m NOT exaggerating. I’m the type who starts a diet every day and by 10am I have raided all the cupboards.
With about nine days to go (Ramadan isn’t a set yearly date and it isn’t officially announced it is about to start until the day before) I hope at the very least I will have become used to not snacking throughout the day and just having set meals.
Boy will I miss my daily cake, crisps, chocolates, lollies, cheese, sweets, biscuits… hey I told you I was an overeater!

I welcome any advice when it comes to fasting and peoples own stories of their first fast.