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So I have my mission: I am to be a Muslim for a month.
Now, before people shout at me about my wording, I know as an atheist, I cannot actually *be* a Muslim. Muslim means one who submits to Allah and that is not something you can just flick on for a month. But, what I will be doing is embracing the practises of the religion. I shall conduct myself as a Muslim woman, I shall learn to pray, stay clear of things considered haram (forbidden), such as eating pork. And my clothes will be conservative and my hair covered.
And I shall be doing all this in the holiest month to the Muslims, Ramadan. Considered the most spiritual time, I shall join in with the fast (no food, drink and ahem sexual relations during daylight hours) and read the Quran as I go.

Ramadan is to start July 20th, so this gives me time to learn the fundamentals (and buy head scarves/hijabs!) before I go “live”. I shall write what I learn so that others can learn with me, and will say my honest feelings. If I have Muslim readers who are likely to be offended by anything short of me converting to Islam at the end of the month, best stop reading now.

Having spoken with my husband he is giving me his support, however I still have friends, family and coworkers to explain to. They will all likely be most focused on what is suddenly on my head instead of the complete spiritual overhaul I’m undertaking. I can now understand why people find it easier to spend a fortune flying off to do this, anything is easier than explaining this to a religiousphobe mother!